Your Story Worksheet


Written By Dr. Buddy Young

©1997 West Texas A&M University’s Baptist Student Ministries/ Revised 2017

Use the worksheet to write out a version of Your Story. Remember you are not writing your personal testimony of how you became a Christian, but a fleshly character trait that has been transformed through a relationship with Jesus. Try to develop at least three versions based on three areas of your life that Jesus has transformed.

What are some areas of your life that have been changed since you became a Christian ? (If you became a Christian at a young age relate some lingering fleshly trait that God is transforming or something that he has changed in your life). Try to list 5 or 6 traits. Ask old friends to help you make the list, they probably remember !!______________________

Now add these to the formula below and you will have several versions of Your Story that you can used as the Holy Spirit leads. Try to make it simple. People will only listen to Your Story for about 3-4 minutes.

Your Story Guideline

  • A Statement of  Your Pre-Christian Condition
  • A Statement of a Fleshly Trait
  •  An Illustration of the Trait in Your Life
  •   A Statement of Your Christian Experience
  •  Statement of a Spiritual Transformation
  •  An Illustration of the Transformation in Your Life
    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Go through this process for each of the traits you have listed above. Make as many copies of this as needed to develop various “stories” that relate to certain issues in your life.