Training Session 4

Padre Mission Trip Training

Written By Dr. Buddy Young

©1997 West Texas A&M University’s Baptist Student Ministries/ Revised 2018


Materials needed:

  • Youtube video Session 4 http://youtu.be/l12Ti78GTRc
  • Hotline Cards (One per person)
  • How to Witness to Catholics (Handout)
  • Logistical Information
  • Medical Waiver and Insurance Form


A. Introduction

Show youtube Session 4 Video

  • Remind students of last minute material that they need to turn in or get before you leave.
  • Have students fill out insurance information and return it before next weeks session

B. Evangelism Process

  • Review the Steps 1 thru 6 of the 7 Steps to Servant Evangelism
  • Tell the students in this session they will learn:
    • How to do Step 7: Determine How to Follow-Up and
    • How to Communicate the Gospel with Catholics.

C. Practice

  • Satisfaction Model Evangelism with Hotline Card
    • Divide into groups of two.
    • Have them practice Steps 1 through 6, including the prayer of commitment using the Hotline Card. One student will be the Beach Reacher and the other the Beach Goer. For the sake of time let the Beach Goer be “receptive” to the Gospel without objections.
    • After a few minutes have them exchange roles.


A. Follow Up

It might be helpful to reproduce the Follow Up material to give to the students as you go through it with them.

  • Explain that Beach Reach is not ideal for follow up, due to the fact that no long term one-on one relationship can be established.
  • The Follow Up consists of the following:

Immediate Follow Up

Short Term Follow up

Long Term Follow Up

Immediate Follow Up

Immediate Follow Up occurs right after a Beach Reacher has an intimate conversation with someone about Jesus or the person prays to trust Christ.

Intimate Conversation, But Doesn’t Receive Jesus.

Ask if you can visit with them again sometime during Spring Break perhaps at breakfast or another time. If they say yes, make an appointment and KEEP IT! If they don’t want to meet during Spring Break ask permission to keep in touch with them after Spring Break.

There are several things that you need to do if they agree to stay in touch. Get their
name, cell number, and facebook or other social media info (snapchat, etc .)

  • Record it on something: phone, notebook or something you won’t lose. (It might be helpful to have a small note pad or (your phone) that you can carry with you in your fanny pack or backpack for this purpose.)
  • Text them your info
  • Share their name and info with your group leader so it can be recorded it.
  • Make sure that you send them a text ASAP.
  • Take a picture with them and tag them on a social media site.

Prays to Receive Jesus

There are several things that must be done before you close the conversation with the person.

  • Get their name, cell number, E-mail etc. Do the same five things above and make sure that your leader knows to record their name on the Decision Sheet in their Leader’s Notebook.
  • Give them assurance of their commitment. (The God tools app has some good material at the end of their “Knowing God Personally” presentation, as does the story app)
  • Let them know that they are in God’s family now. Assure them that God will never leave them or abandon them. They need to know that their commitment is secure and nothing or no one can take them away from God’s Love for them. Share verses like: John 10:28ff, and Romans 8:38-39, and 1 John 5:11-13.
  • Give them an alternative to the lifestyle they are doing right now. Tell them about the events of Beach Reach. Invite them to the worship time, breakfast, or other events. Offer to come get them at their condo or hotel.
  • Get them to agree to tell someone else that day about their commitment. Ask them if there is anyone with them who might be excited about the decision that they have made. Ask them if there is anyone back home they might need to call or text tonight to tell about their commitment.
  • Tell them about the 6 weeks Getting Started Bible Studies that will be on the Beach Reach web site.

Short Term Follow Up

Short Term Follow Up includes the time you can spend with them on the Island and the Correspondence (texts/facebook//e-mails) you write when they get home.

  • Island Follow Up As much as possible try to contact with the person you lead to Christ. Try to see them everyday until they leave, try to get them to come to share times at night. Talk with them about being baptized in the Gulf of Mexico at our Thursday baptism service.
  • Correspondence Before the day is over, on the day you lead someone to Christ, text them, E-mail, and/or message them on facebook some type of encouragement. Send it to them, Send one to a Church and/or a campus ministry in the town where they live (your group leaders can help with this). If we have a Beach Reach team from their school, seek to connect them with that group ASAP.

Long Term Follow Up

Long Term Follow Up is continual contact with the new believer for a period of at least 6 months to a year.

  • The Week you Get Back:
    • Take time to communicate with them when you get back: text, E-mail, and/or message them on facebook as soon as you get back.
    • Try to continue to connect with them on Facebook and other social media ways.
    • Encourage them to: get involved in a local church, go to the Beach Reach Web site to begin the Getting Started Bible Studies, and get involved with a group of Christians on campus.
    • Tell them that you would like to hear from them and would like to try to answer any questions that they might have.
  • Weekly
    • Contact them again, even if you didn’t get a reply to the first message.
    • Encourage them to keep hanging out with Christians at church and a Christian group on campus.
    • Encourage them to continue the Getting Started Bible Studies.
    • Contact the BSM/BSU/BCM or other Christian campus group on their campus. An internet search will help you find a ministry for them. Let them know what has happened and see if they can connect with them.
    • Keep doing this weekly till you are sure they are plugged into a church and/or campus ministry.

B. How to Share with Catholics

A large group of students who come to South Padre Island are Catholics. It would be helpful to inform the students about the various terms used by Catholics and how they differ from Protestants.

This material will not be post on the web page. We will send each group leader a copy of the How to Share with Catholics material to distribute to the students.


  • Continue to have someone hold you accountable for your daily personal time with God.
  • Continue to add names to your “Not Yet” list and pray for them daily.
  • Pray for God to prepare you to go to Padre and meet your needs to go.
  • Try to minister to the needs of a “Not Yet” friend or do something with them this week.
  • Share the the Satisfaction Model with several non-Christians this week.
  • Pray for the concerns on the 30 days of prayer sheet

PRAYER TIME (10 min.)

Divide into teams.

  • Have members share specific prayer concerns and pray for each other.
  • Pray by name for those on your “Not Yet” List
  • Pray for today’s concern on the 30 days of prayer sheet