Training Session 2

Padre Mission Trip Training

Written By Dr. Buddy Young

©1997 West Texas A&M University’s Baptist Student Ministry/ Revised 2018


Materials Needed:

  • Youtube videos Session 2 http://youtu.be/qPprK3cgoOo and Satisfaction http://youtu.be/AnGf93wSEk
  • Padre Packet (Application, Church Endorsement, Prayer Partner Sheet)
  • Personal Supply List Sheet  (You supply your own for your group)
  • Local Schedule (You provide your own for your group)
  • Hotline Cards (one per person)
  • Satisfaction Model , Satisfaction Overview, and the Jesus Challenge Method
  • Your Story material -online or hard copy
  • Your Story Worksheet online or hard copy


Show Session 2 Video

A. Materials Needed

Remind students of the materials they need to turn in.

1. Application
2. Church Endorsement
3. Payment
4. Prayer Partners

Supply List

Distribute a list of the personal items that students need to obtain to take to the beach. Also distribute a schedule for your campus.

  • Hotline Cards (one per person)

B. Ways to Get into a Conversation About Jesus at Padre

There are several ways to enter into a conversation about Jesus Christ while at Padre. The main tool that we will use as a Transitional Question is the Hotline Card.

Transitions Using the Hotline Card

(Have enough “Hotline” cards to distribute to the students. Be sure to reproduce both sides) Explain that there will be about 50,000 of these cards to distribute on the island.

The cards will be used for two purposes:

  • To publicize our free rides and free breakfasts.
  • To use as a tool to present the gospel.

Have students look over the “Hotline” card. Explain that the Hotline card will be a good transition to the gospel for any ministry at Padre.

Here Are 3 Examples of Transitions with the Hotline Card:

  • On the Street or Beach
  • On the Van
  • At Breakfast.

Have some students act out the use of the card by doing a few of the following skits:

On the Street or Beach (3 students)

Two students with cards (Beach Reachers) approach one student without a card (Beach Goer).

Beach Reacher #1: “Hi, we are with Beach Reach. Have you heard about our free rides and free breakfasts?”
Beach Goer: “No, I haven’t.”
Beach Reacher #1: “Well, we have a free breakfast everyday Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 a.m. till 12:00 Noon at Island Baptist Church between Whataburger and the Water tower, and a midnight breakfast by the Dairy Queen at Lowie’s bar. We also have a free ride service anywhere on the island from 8:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m. Sunday thru Thursday night. It’s all right here on the card.
Here, take one.” (hand them the card)
Beach Goer: “Thanks, I could probably use this.” (takes card)
Beach Reacher #2: “Yea, if you need a ride call the number (points to the number on the card) and we will come get you and take you wherever you need to go.”
Beach Goer: “Even Mexico?”
Beach Reacher #2: “No, only on the island.”
Beach Goer: “OK!”
Beach Reacher #2: “If you have a few more minutes, I’d like to ask you a question and then show you the information on the back of the card.” (shows the back of the card)

Beach Goer: “Sure!”
Fade Out.

On the Van (2 students)

Set up some chairs like a van (explain that a student will be getting on the van). Have a Beach Goer get on the van and sit next to the Beach Reacher.

Beach Reacher: “Hi, How ya doing?”
Beach Goer: “Great!”
Beach Reacher: “So where ya from?”
Beach Goer: “Wisconsin”
Beach Reacher: Wisconsin?What brought you all the way to Padre?”
Beach Goer: “Party!”
Beach Reacher: “So where do you go to school?”
Beach Goer: “The University of Wisconsin, Madison.”
Beach Reacher: What’s your major?”
Beach Goer: “Engineering!”
Beach Reacher: “That’s cool, so how did you hear about our free rides?”
Beach Goer: “I was just standing outside the bar with my friends and someone said, ‘You guys want a ride?’ and we got in.”
Beach Reacher: “So you didn’t get one of our cards?”
Beach Goer: “No”
Beach Reacher: “Here take one. It has a number for a free ride, so if you ever need us to come get you, give us a call.”
Beach Goer: “Great!”
Beach Reacher: “Oh, also we have a free pancake breakfast every morning in front of Island Baptist Church next to Whataburger, and every night at midnight by the Dairy Queen at Louie’s bar and across the street form Clayton’s.”
Beach Goer: “I could go for some free food.”
Beach Reacher: “Well, come by tomorrow.”
Beach Goer: “If I can get up I’ll try to make it, how long does it go?”
Beach Reacher: “Till about noon.”
Beach Goer: “Great, maybe I can make it.”
Beach Reacher: “Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question and then show you the information on the back of the card.”
Beach Goer: “Sure”
Beach Reacher: “have you taken the Jesus Challenge yet?”
Beach Goer: “I’m Catholic!”

At Breakfast (2 Students)
Set up a table and about 5 chairs, with a Beach Reacher sitting at the table. The beach goer approaches the table with his pancakes.

Beach Reacher: “How ya doin’?” “You can sit here!”
Beach Goer: “Thanks”
Beach Reacher: “Rough night?”
Beach Goer: “Yea, I got wasted.”
Beach Reacher: “So how did you hear about the breakfast?”
Beach Goer: “Some guys gave me this card on the beach yesterday.”
Beach Reacher: “Do you remember what he looked like?’
Beach Goer: “No, he just kinda passed by.”
Beach Reacher: “So, are you here with a group?”
Beach Goer: “Yea, with some guys from Wisconsin.”
Beach Reacher: “No way!” I met some guys from Wisconsin last night.”
Beach Goer: “Where were they from?”
Beach Reacher: “Madison.”
Beach Goer: “Oh yea, that’s about an hour from where I live?”
Beach Reacher: “Cool!” “Hey, do you still have that card?”
Beach Goer: “No I lost it.”
Beach Reacher: “Well, let me give you another one, so if you need a ride tonight you can give us a call.”
Beach Goer: “Sure!”
Beach Reacher: “Hey, If you have a second I’d like to ask you a question then discuss the back of the card,
Beach Goer: “OK.”
Beach Reacher: “What brings you the greatest satisfaction in life? “

Beach Goer: “Well, I’m Catholic.”

Beach Reacher: (under his breath) “Not again.”

Transitions Using the Satisfaction Model

(Have enough of the Satisfaction Model material to distribute to each person.)
Explain that the Introduction question will be the primary transition tool to use in introducing the Gospel to someone during Beach Reach. Have students look over the material, explain that everyone will need to memorize the Satisfaction Model and the  Jesus Challenge Method as part of the training. Tell the students that they can modify the questions and presentation somewhat to their personal preference. (Also this year you can add an additional evangelism model that you and your students are comfortable with (the Bridge, the Story, etc). Consider having them download the Story app with the video found at http://spreadtruth.com/thestory or the God tools app at http://www.godtoolsapp.com/


Using the Satisfaction Question
Have three students act out the use of the Question. Encourage the other students to follow along.

(Two Beach Reachers with the Satisfaction Model approach a Beach Goer.)
Beach Reacher #1: “Hi, I’m _______________. We are with a group of students on the island this week to determine an individual’s thinking on a question. Would you mind answering a brief question?”
Beach Goer: “Is it going to take long?”
Beach Reacher #1: “No.”
Beach Goer: “OK.”
Beach Reacher #1:“What brings you the greatest satisfaction in life? “
Beach Goer: (Reponses that partying and friends bring the greatest satisfaction)

Beach Reacher #1: “Thanks for your time, if you don’t mind could I share with what brings ultimate satisfaction to my life?
Beach Goer: “Sure.”
Fade out.

Explain to the students that Isaiah 55:1, 6-7 and the chorus from the Rolling Stones song Satisfaction will be on the back of each of the Hotline Cards (have them look at the card). There will be a space between the verses to write and to allow them to record their name and contact info for the beach goers. This information can be used to connect with on someone who makes a commitment or with someone that they have a good conversation about the Gospel. Follow-up will be discussed at greater length in Session 4 of the training.

Transitions Using the Jesus Challenge

Have three students act out the use of the Jesus Challenge Question. Encourage the other students to follow along.

(Two Beach Reachers with the Jesus Challenge Model approach a Beach Goer.)
Beach Reacher #1: “Hi, I’m _______________. We are with a group
of students giving free rides and pancakes to Spring Breakers. Some call us the Jesus busses and Jesus pancakes. So have you ridden with us or eaten our pancakes?  

Beach Goer: “Ya I had pancakes last night?”
Beach Reacher #1: “so did you take the Jesus challenge?”
Beach Goer: “What’s that?”
Beach Reacher #1:“It is answering one question? Wanta try?”
Beach Goer: “Sure why not?”

Beach Reacher #1: Jesus asked some people who were following him, “Who do you say that I am?” “So, who do you say that Jesus is?”
Fade out.

Explain to the students that the question is found in Matthew 16:15 it is to be a springboard to enter into a discussion about what the Bible says about Jesus. Have them look over the Jesus Challenge Method to understand how to best use it.


A. Materials Needed

  • Hotline Cards , the Satisfaction Model

B. Training


Remind the students of the importance of prayer and evangelism. That these two are inseparable. Be sure that you have already set up a time during the week, other than the  training, for students to experience this vital link.

Steps to Servant Evangelism

Remind the students of the seven step process of the Steps to Servant Evangelism. Review    the ACT material, steps 1, 2, and part of 3. Explain that once you have directed the  conversation toward Spiritual matters they will want to discuss the Gospel. Explain that in this session the student will learn the rest of step 3 and step 4, how to use the Satisfaction Question/Jesus Challenge Question.

Step 3: Direct the Conversation to Spiritual Matters

Hotline Transition

The Beach Reacher can choose one of the following transition methods or make up their own to utilize after handing the Beach Goer the Hotline card:

  • “Do you get one of our cards?”
  • “Have you heard about the back of the card?”
  • “Has anyone discussed the back of the card with you?”

The Question Transition

The transition question is: “What brings you the greatest satisfaction in life?” or “Have you taken the Jesus Challenge?

It is important to remember that in an evangelistic presentation, it is crucial to ask permission to share the gospel message. Be sensitive to those who do not want to hear the gospel. Thank them for their time and either continue the conversation on a different topic or conclude the conversation. Do not communicate the gospel with anyone who has not given you permission to share it with them.

Step 4: Discuss the Gospel the Satisfaction Evangelism Method (or the Method your group chooses to use).

Show the Satisfaction video

Pass out copies of the the Satisfaction Model (and the Overview) and the Hotline Card.

Demonstrate how to do the Satisfaction Model. Have the students follow along on the back of the Hotline card as you demonstrate it.

Explain that the students will need to know this method by next week. They need to memorize the Satisfaction Model (or your model). Tell the students to practice the Satisfaction Model (or yours) with at least four people this week.

Encourage them to attend the Prayer /Evangelism times that you have set to visit non-believers or to partner with a Beach Reach participant during the week to share with non-believers. You might even consider having them pair up in evangelistic teams before you conclude the training session.

Teach the Your Story Material

Part of the Satisfaction Question method involves the students sharing their Personal Satisfaction Story. Have the students look over the material on how to share their Story. Give every student a copy of the Your Story Material and a Your Story Worksheet. Teach them the material. Have them take it home to look over it. Tell them they will need to bring back three version of their story to use in the training next week.


  • Continue to have someone hold you accountable.
  • Plan to do something for or with a “Not Yet” friend this week. Try to minister to need that they have. Use one of the Servant Evangelism Projects from last week, or think of something. Be creative.
  • Continue to add to your “not yet” list of friends and acquaintances that you know who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus.
  • Pray daily for the people on your “not yet” list.
  • Be prepared to use the Satisfaction Model (or your model) next week.
  • If you haven’t contacted your home church or local church about your
  • Practice the Satisfaction Model (or your model) . with at least four people this week. Try to use the Transition Question to get into a conversation about Jesus with someone from your “Not Yet” list this week.
  • Attend the Prayer/Evangelism time setup for your campus this week or make arrangements to set up another time to share on campus.
  • Pray for God to meet your needs to go to Padre.

Church Endorsement, do so.

  • Keep enlisting prayer partners.
  • Learn the Your Story material. Write out at least 3 versions of Your Story. Share Your Story with three other people, Christian or non-Christian, this week. Be prepared to share the Satisfaction model and one version of Your Story at the training session next week.
  • Pray daily for your accountability partner, yourself, and the concerns on the 30 days of prayer sheet.


Get in a group of three or four people to pray for the following:

  • By name for people on our “Not Yet” list
  • Your Needs for Padre
  • Other Personal Needs
  • Pray for Today’s concern on the 30 days of prayer sheet.