Training Session 1

Padre Mission Trip Training

Written By Dr. Buddy Young ©1997 WTBSM revised 2018


Materials Needed:

  • Padre Schedule (Last Year)
  • Servant Evangelism Bible Study
  • The Steps to Servant Evangelism
  • The ACT Principle and the ACT Overview
  • The Satisfaction Model and satisfaction model of overview
  • Servant Evangelism Projects or the book Conspiracy of Kindness
  • Padre Applications (for those who need them)
  • Prayer Partner Sheets
  • Church Endorsement and Pastor’s Letter
  • 30 Days of Prayer guide
  • Prayer Evangelism Sheet
  • Nightline video from Beachreach.org
  • Session 1 video on youtube http://youtu.be/REx4nhjE6qI


Introduction (12 min.)

  • Explain the uniqueness of the ministry. Padre differs from all other beach evangelistic projects in that it is a ministry oriented project. There are no big name speakers or musicians, only students ministering and encouraging each other and their peers 24 hours a day.
  • Explain that the ministries that students are involved in are designed to create a conversation about Jesus.
  • Ask the students to take time this week to go to the Beach Reach Web site: www.beachreach.org and skim through the various ministries in the ministry section.

Show the Nightline video of Beach Reach

Ministry Opportunities (5 min.)

Explain the various areas of ministry available to students.

Pass out last year’s schedule to show them how the week will go.

  • Beach Evangelism Through personal contact, the Satisfaction Model, and the “Free Ride/Free Breakfast” Hotline Cards students are able to engage in conversations about Jesus with those on the beach.
  • Breakfast A free pancake breakfast is served for students at Island Baptist Church from 8:30 a.m. till 12:00 Noon each day. Beach Reachers sit with Beach Goers and attempt to talk about Jesus while they eat.
  • Free Ride “Hotline” Beach Reachers use vans to give students a free ride anywhere on the 5 mile island that they want to go every night from 8 p.m. till 5 a.m. The students call the “Hotline” which is based at Island Baptist Church. They know the number by receiving one of the 50,000 “Hotline” cards distributed by Beach Reachers, seeing one of the advertisements in the Spring Break magazines, or on a Spring Break web page. The vans containing 5-7 Beach Reachers will pick the callers up and take them to their destination. In route, Beach Reachers attempt to talk with the riders about their relationship to Jesus.
  • Prayer Time The prayer time lasts throughout the night 8 p.m. till 5 a.m.. While on the “Hotline” shift part of the group will ride in the van and pick up students while the other half remains at the church to pray. The group will change activities about every hour during their shift to allow everyone the opportunity to pray. Students will also have an opportunity to experience prayer prior to Beach Reach through the 30 days of prayer and the Prayer Evangelism Weekly activities.
  • Worship/Share Time Each evening at 5:00 p.m. till 6:30 p.m. all the groups come together to eat a meal. This is the only time each day that everyone is together. Here students can fellowship and interact with other students. After the meal students gather from 6:30 p.m. till 8 or 8:30 p.m. to have a student led worship and share time. Each group is given an opportunity to lead in the service. Students lead in the music, drama, Bible study, exhortations, and sharing of daily witnessing encounters. On Thursday night we worship together on the beach.
  • Midnight Breakfast
    The Midnight Breakfast runs Sunday night through Thursday night, from midnight till 3:30 am. A Free Pancake Breakfast will be served. It is designed to provide an atmosphere where students can go to talk, sober up, and relax outside the bar setting.

Requirements to Attend (2 min.)

Share these and other requirements for your group.

  • Attend all 5 training sessions.
  • Fill out the required forms.

a Application b. Church Endorsement c. Prayer Partners

  • Turn in all required money.
  • Be prepared and available to serve the Lord in whatever you are asked to do.
  • Do all the assigned homework for each session.
  • Pray daily for God to prepare you and use you. Have students go to the 30 days of prayer on the Beach Reach Web site or distribute handouts with the daily prayer needs listed. Encourage them to pray daily for the concern listed.


 Show youtube Video Session 1

The Beach Reach Ministry is built on two critical concepts.

Prayer Evangelism and Servant Evangelism

Prayer Evangelism

Prayer Evangelism is the opportunity for evangelistic activities to be “covered” by intercession. It is where students learn that evangelism and prayer are inseparable. They are joint links in presenting the gospel.

Explain to the students the Prayer Evangelism concept. Be sure and direct the students to this material online or distribute copies of the material to them. Explain the need to develop a model of Prayer Evangelism that can be used in your particular campus situation. Share with the students the need to set up an additional time, other than the Beach Reach training time, where they can experience the Prayer Evangelism model. You can do this during an organized Servant Evangelism outreach, a Campus visitation time, or during a weekly program designed for Evangelism. Simply get a group of students to commit to pray while the event or program is taking place.

Servant Evangelism

Servant evangelism is the main model of evangelism used at Beach Reach. It is defined as

Demonstrating the kindness and grace of God by offering to do some act of humble service with no strings attached.

Every ministry previously mentioned is designed to meet a need in the life of the Spring Breaker. Through meeting that need we find the opportunity to communicate the gospel of Jesus.

Steps to Servant Evangelism

Share with the students the seven Steps to Servant Evangelism.

  • Before the session run off the sheet with the seven Steps to Servant Evangelism, or put it in your presentation for the students. Distribute the sheet or put the document on the screen as you discuss it.
  • Tell the students that you will cover each step progressively during the training sessions.
  • During this Training Session Steps 1, 2 and a portion of 3 will be covered.

Step 1 Demonstrate the Gospel

Servant Evangelism Bible Study (10 min)

  • Have the students recall the various Beach Reach ministries mentioned earlier. Ask them to discuss how these ministries meet the needs of Beach Goers. Have them discuss how providing these ministries would demonstrate the gospel and open a door to talk about a relationship to Jesus.
  • Pass out the Servant Evangelism Bible Study or direct them where to find it online. Challenge the students to complete the Bible Study before next week’s training.

Step 2 Discover Things about the Person and

Step 3 Direct the Conversation to Spiritual Things.

The ACT Principle

  • Print the ACT Overview sheet and the ACT Principle Make enough copies to distribute to the students.
  • Teach your students the ACT Principle using the ACT Utilize the Question found on the Satisfaction Model as the transition question that students will use to begin a conversation.


  • Get an accountability partner to hold you accountable for having a personal quiet time each day this week.
  • Start a “Lost Friend” list of non-Christians that you know.
  • Pray daily for God to take care of everything that would hinder
  • Develop and participate in a Prayer Evangelism event this week.
  • Begin to pray for at least one of these non-Christians by name each day this week.
  • Look for opportunities where you can participate in Servant Evangelism on your campus. Get a copy of the book Conspiracy of Kindness and look at Appendix 1 for possible Servant Evangelism projects that you can do with a team of students on your campus. Look at the Servant Evangelism Projects in the Session One training material on the Beach Reach web site. Choose some projects you can do in your community or on campus before Spring Break.
  • Listen to conversations and try to use the ACT principle this week.
  • Make arrangements to clear your calendar to attend all the training sessions and the week at Padre. (Ask off at work, start the research paper due after spring break, contact your parents and friends, check with professors, etc.) .
  • Memorize the Introduction question from the Satisfaction Model and the Jesus Challenge Method.
  • Memorize the seven Steps to Servant Evangelism.
  • Pray daily for your accountability partner, yourself, and the concerns on the 30 days of prayer sheet.
  • Begin recruiting prayer partners for the trip.

PRAYER TIME (10 min.)
Divide into prayer partners.

  • Share why you are interested in going to Padre.
  • Share one fear you might have.
  • Share one thing you need God to do to enable you to go.
  • Pray for each other by name concerning these things.
  • Commit to pray for each other every day this week concerning these things.
  • Pray for Today’s concern on the 30 days of prayer sheet (if possible set a time each day you will pray for each other, together or apart.)

Other resources:

Padre Promo videos: Promo 1: http://youtu.be/_f1FjSgw0ao

Promo 2: http://youtu.be/qEet-h5PZwY ,

Promo 3: http://youtu.be/FYlOb9m8_Z0, Promo 4: http://youtu.be/RO50vxwTM0A

Others from previous years: http://youtu.be/JlxXN9JGNyc, http://youtu.be/4gq82I3qZ80, http://youtu.be/VF1dWGzuVis,