Sharing Christ

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Today during the Van rides we picked up a group of 3. I got to talk to one of the guys on the van. The first trip was very short and didn’t get to bring up Christ to him just yet. They called back after their first stop and I got to talk to him longer this time. I found out he was raised Catholic and went to catholic school for a while and once he moved away and went to a public school he stopped going to church. He has a similar testimony as me because when I was younger we had a point as a family where we stopped going to church for a while. During that time not going to church I had fallen far away from Christ and had a similar lifestyle to the spring breakers here on the island. I praise God that He used my testimony to be able to give me something in common with him. I am so thankful God saved me from that lifestyle and called me to have a relationship with Him. Because of God and His love for me I am here as a beach reacher and not a spring breaker! He said he could relate to how my life is and wants to start going back to church now. I even got to pray with him and he said that having a prayer for him and his life was just what he needed now. I am still praying for my new friend and God to open his heart for a true relationship!

— Student from UT Tyler


*Names have been changed due to security reasons*

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