Servant Evangelism Projects


Adapted from Appendix 1 in Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren copyright 1993 Vine Books.

Used by permission


Public Places

(gas stations, restaurants, malls, groceries, retail stores, et.)

Umbrella Escorts

Windshield Washing

Coffee Giveaways

Gift Wrappings At Christmas

Soft Drink Giveaways

Restroom Cleaning

Grocery Bag Loading Assistance

Bag Packing At Self Serve Groceries

Grocery Cart Return

Sporting Events






Windshield Washing


Sunglasses (Cheap Ones)


Check Oil & Fluid

Single Mom’s Oil Change

Washer Fluid Fill

Tire Pressure Check

Windshield Washing at Self Service Stations

Oil & Filter Change

Interior Vacuuming

Bulb Replacement

Car Wash

Free Fragrance Cards

Windshield Scrape or Sweep In Cold Weather

(Apartment Complex)

Downtown Business Districts

Feeding Parking Meters

Windshield Washing

Umbrella Escort

Business Window Washing

Toilet Scrubbing

Soft Drink Giveaways

Free Cookies

Free Cappuccino

Free Polaroid Photo at Carriage Rides

Free Shoe Shine


Doggie Clean-up

Helium Balloons For Kids

Polaroid Picture Giveaways

Popsicle Giveaways

Grilling Hotdogs/Free Picnic

Gatorade at Biking Trails

Gatorade At Jogging Trails

Pictionary in the Park

Flower Seed Packets

Face Painting

College Campuses

Pen/Pencil Giveaways

Scantron Giveaways

Free Copies

Free Coffee, Soft Drinks

Dorm Cleaning

Free Tutoring

Gatorade or Lemonade in Hot Weather

Hot Chocolate in Cold Weather

Drink Giveaways at Intramural Events & Greek Sports Events

Breakfast Bagels, Pop Tarts, Donuts

Window Washing on Cars in Campus Parking lots

House To House

Leaf Raking

Lawn Mowing

Grass Edging

Screen Cleaning

General Yard Cleanup

Door To Door Carnation Giveaways

Flower Seed Packet Giveaways

Gutter Cleaning

Sidewalk Sweeping

Windshield Washing (Car In Driveway)

Sunday Morning Paper and Coffee Giveaways

Snow Removal From Walks & Drives

Empty Garbage Can Return

Kitchen Cleanup

Window Washing

Minor House Repairs

General Cleaning (Interior)

House Number Painting On Curbs

Free Community Dinner

Doggie Yard Cleanup

Light Bulb Replacement

Minor Tree Trimming

Weed Spraying/Pulling

Seal Blacktop Driveways

Scrape Fireplaces

Radon Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke Detector Batteries

Fragrance Spraying

Filter Change AC/Heat

Garage Cleaning

Free Fireplace Kindling

Bark & Mulch For Yards

The Options are Limitless….

Use Your Imaginations!

Cards with at least your church or organization’s

Name, address, and phone number are highly recommended

at all service projects, so that people can contact you if they need

At Beach Reach we use the Hotline Card.

Things to Consider for a Project

Project, Price, Place/Time, People Needed, Provisions, Permission


Project: Scantron Giveaway

Price: Cost of Scantrons

Place/Time: Campus Sub or Classroom Building; Midterms or Finals week

People Needed: 2-3 per hour

Provisions: Scantrons, tables. Organization identification card (or pencil)

Permission: University authorities, Building permission