Servant Evangelism Bible Study

What is Servant Evangelism ?


Demonstrating the kindness and grace of God by offering to do some act of humble service with no strings attached.


It is a JESUS Thing  Matt 20:28, John 13:14-17

Jesus is the example of servanthood

Jesus calls us to be selfless servants

Jesus compels us to serve others

It is a FRUITBEARING Thing   Titus 3:14, John 15:8

We must learn to continually do good works

We must meet the urgent need of people

It is an Enlightening Thing Matt 5:14-16

We must exhibit good works toward people

We must exalt Jesus in our good works

It is an Abnormal Thing Luke 10:25-37

We must not follow everyone else, by passing by

We must do the abnormal thing, meet needs

It is a Repentance Thing Romans 2:4

Deeds of  kindness rather than doctrines of condemnation lead people to Jesus

Group Time (If Available):

1. List 5 kind (free) acts that you have done or can do for someone.

2. What does Matt 20:28 mean to you ?

3. How was Jesus a servant in ministering to the needs of people ?

4. Why is meeting the needs of someone a fruitbearing activity ?

5. How does doing a kind (free) act point someone to Jesus Matt 5:14-16?

6. What does Romans 2:4 mean ?

7. What can you do to live out the definition of a servant evangelist ?