Prayers Fulfilled

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Hey guys and gals. I just got back from a prayer walk with a few of my friends. We walked to several places and prayed for several things. One of our first stops was Whataburger. I peeked in and saw a few beach reachers and some beach goers. We prayed specifically for good conversation and that the beach goers would just be drawn to the reachers through conversation. And that’s exactly what happened. When we came back after praying for the vans and the restaurants I heard three accounts back to back of people just coming up to the beach reachers saying, “Hey we know why you’re here can you tell us more about Jesus?” WHAAAAAAT?!?! Like talk about divine appointments!  Two accounts were at Whataburger while we were outside praying. I know this because when I peeked in I noticed a girl’s headband and recognized her when she was telling us her story. The other was on the van. How amazing is our God?! He is answering prayers as we are praying them!! I can’t wait for the rest of this night! Praise God Amen!

– Student from University of Houston Main Campus

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