Prayer Evangelism



I am reminded that one old saint was asked, “Which is the more important: reading God’s Word or praying?” To which he replied, “Which is more important to a bird: the right wing or the left.” (A. W. Tozer, Jesus,Our Man in Glory)


Jesus gave prayer the highest of priorities during his ministry on earth. We see His example in slipping away from the others to pray—early in the morning, late in the evening, at night, and sometimes all night. He spent his last few hours in the Garden of Gethsemane PRAYING—the last words he uttered at his death on the cross were IN PRAYER to His Father. He taught His disciples how to pray; He prayed for them, and for us. He still makes intercession for us today. The gospels are replete with words, such as “As He was praying.., When He got up from praying….or He went away to pray as was His custom In fact, He said he did nothing except what the Father told Him to do. That was the priority He placed on communicating with the Father during His ministry.


  • Battles Are Won (or Lost) in the Spiritual Realm

With an evangelistic thrust the Beach Reach Ministry, each of us are particularly vulnerable to strong opposition, and attacks, from the enemy—Satan and his principalities. There is a particularly poignant story in Exodus 17: 8-15 concerning a battle the Israelites fought with the Amalekites that illustrates the spiritual realm of battles against God’s people.

  • Joshua went to the battlefield; but Moses went to the top of the hill.

“As long as Moses held up his hands (with the staff of God) the Israelites were winning. When he would put his hands down, the Amalekites were winning.

The point being, the battle was not dependent on what Joshua—or the Amalekites–were doing. It was being won, or lost, by what Moses was doing in the spiritual realm—under the direction of God. We feel that our on-the spot prayers provide this same kind of prayer support at Beach Reach as specific, targeted requests are lifted to the Lord.


The primary objective of the Prayer Ministry during Beach Reach is to provide on-the-spot prayer coverage during the Van Ministry and also the Breakfast Ministry. For example, as each of the Van teams are out ministering during the night, they leave the other half of their rotating team behind to pray for them. In order for their Praying Team members to be aware of their specific needs and requests, a cell phone number is provided for the Beach Reachers on the Vans to text the Prayer partners at the church and to be places on the prayer wall screen in the Worship Center. In this way, their Praying Team members know of specific needs while they are talking with Spring Breakers on the vans.


It is recommended that this same concept be personalized to your campus through your various Beach Reach Ministries and training—providing on-the-spot prayer coverage during the time the Ministry is taking place. Develop a plan for weekly campus outreach/servant evangelism during the next four weeks of Beach Reach training that would include this model of half of the students sharing their faith while the other half remain behind to pray.