Loving the Hurting

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Today I was on the beach and not much was going on around the sand sculpture so we decided to prayer walk around the party. I was getting a little discouraged because, for a really long time I was not having any conversations. As it got closer to time to leave I was talking to a guy from my BSM and this guy came straight for us, so we started talking to him. It ended up being four beach reachers talking to this spring breaker for some time. All I can remember him saying is that he was really drunk and he knew all the stuff, he understood God’s love. He was saying by God’s grace I am saved and I God will forgive me for being here and doing this and I know I shouldn’t think like that, but he will. He kept saying you guys are judging me I don’t’ want to talk to guys right now, but he proceeded to talk, which was amazing. He said he use to work at a youth camp and he loves talking to older people and little kids. We told him we were not judging him and that we loved him and he was like wow I cannot believe this is happening. He was like you guys don’t know me I have had a hard screwed up life and I get this stuff I just can’t talk to you guys right now can I get one of you all’s  numbers and we can meet up when I am not drunk. So we got his number and we are meeting up with him tomorrow and hopefully he won’t be drunk or on any drugs because he also told us that he did ecstasy and cocaine.

Student from Wayland Baptist University


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