Going Forth

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I was out walking with my group today, and we ran into a group of four girls out walking by a gas station. They stopped us and told us that they had eaten pancakes at Louie’s and then ridden in a van Sunday night. They were amazed that people took the time to stop, listen to them, and then pray with them. They repeatedly asked us why we were doing this, and we explained that we wanted to share the love of Christ. One of the girls, who said she was a Christian, wanted to get involved at her school. We stayed and talked for almost half an hour with them, and one of them really opened up to one of our group. While the two of them were talking, we called for a van, and we rode with them to Clayton’s. The two of them had a deep conversation about her relationship with her boyfriend. Our work here really has an effect on the people here, who are amazed at God’s love that we continually show them through our ministry here!

– Student from UT Dallas

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