Finding Peace

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As a first timer, I was honestly a little intimidated. The devil was whispering in my ear reminding me of my insecurities, but The Lord is bigger than anything the devil throws in my face. We sort of had a rough start (finding people that actually wanted rides), but soon they came.  Once the first person came on our van, I felt this instant peace and I knew that God was with us. We had to go fishing to start out. We continued to “fish”, and we got another guy who we could pray over. Then there were two other boys we got the privilege of picking up. When we finally got an assignment, we picked up six boys. We were able to talk to the boys and get to know them. I was given the opportunity to pray over these six boys. It was truly a blessing! I realized in the mist of it all that my nerves had been completely calmed. I was reminded of exactly why we’re here. To SHOW love to the beach goers. My friend who was on the van with me, told me that whenever the last six boys got off of the van, they were so surprised that we prayed for them. My friend told me that they said, “Wow. I can’t believe that they prayed for us… they must really love us…” Y’all, The Lord is GOOD.

— Student from East Texas Baptist University

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