Encouragement from Each Other

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The works of God are kind of amazing. More like indescribable. Not all testimonies here at Beach Reach occur with a spring breaker. Tonight God simply had me sit down with another spring breaker in the prayer room. I have never met or even seen this girl, but at that point in time the tug of my heart to sit down and open up with my sister in Christ was unbearable. This girl and I had so much in common that it was such a pleasant surprise. Then again, God did have a reason for it being that specific girl didn’t He? We were both able to open up and simply talk things over. It is nice knowing I am not the only one going through different situations and struggles. We have teammates everywhere. After praying with each other, I left feeling so proud of myself and proud of our heavenly father. The presence of the Lord our God is so strong tonight and I am loving every bit of it. 

Student from West Texas A&U

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