Being Guided

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My story happened Last year on the Last night of Beach Reach. I had been in the prayer room for over 45 mins, getting really restless and tired.  I felt like being rebellious and decided to go to Whataburger with a friend and take a break. When I was eating Whataburger I got a phone call from a springer break that I had given my phone number too earlier in the week. It was about 2:45am and most of the vans were out or finishing up their runs. Knowing it was almost too late I frantically ran back to the church to find a van to pick up my friends. After about three failed attempts I finally got a van. I had called my friend back but he didn’t answer. Sadly the van that I had been in contact with decided it was to late and left. I walked inside feeling defeated when I ran into BRIAN. As I began talking to him I received a call from my Spring breaker friend. Instantly Brian encouraged me to get a van going and he said that he would drive. So I got to the van and three random people were literally walking by and jumped in.  We went to pick up my spring breaker friend and as we were dropping them off one of the girls in our van looked out the window and saw someone passed out on the side of the road. We stopped to get out and help the guy but the man had gotten up and left. As we got back into the van two other people were walking by, a boy and a girl.  Both of whom we didn’t know and had not intended to pick up. We asked if they needed at ran and the said sure. After we had dropped off my spring breaker friend, only the boy and girl were left. We “got lost” for about a good 15 minutes. We keep driving and the conversations became deep and serious. We found out that the two people had been dating, were in a fight, and they had a lot of hurt towards each other. We were talking so much that we ended up parking to continue our conversations. It was amazing to realize that God had specifically placed just the right Beach Reachers on the bus to be used to talk to those two Spring Breakers. I watched Brian, guided by the Holy Spirit lead both conversations toward Christ. The boy had initially been very sarcastic and negative about the gospel but you could see Christ tugging at his heart.  After an hour of conversations, many tears, and Brian shared his testimony, I had the amazing blessing of seeing two people accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. I feel many Christians can look back at their life and see how God was directing them at each step, but that night I got to see the hand of God unfold before my very eyes and it is something I will never forget. The whole night God had orchestrated every step and it started with my hungry stomach and rebellious attitude.  If I had been in the prayer room I would have turned off my phone and never gotten the phone call. I would have never ran over to the church or ran into Brian. If the girl on our bus hadn’t seen the passed out guy on the side of the road we would have never stopped. We would have never picked up those two people and Brian would have never lead those two people to Christ. The whole night was a series of random events that only God could have put together. It was composed of people willing to submit themselves and be used by God even when they didn’t know how. I share this story so that you can be encouraged and be willing to be used by God in any way, shape, or form. God will do amazing things through you but he needs a vessel. Be that vessel.

Student from Texas A&M

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