Application (Sample)

BEACH REACH Application (Sample)

This is a sample application which can be adjusted for your specific needs. It is recommended that each person attending Beach Reach fill out an application. The applications are for the use of the individual groups and do not need to be sent to the Beach Reach office. Each group leader should keep the applications from their group on file.

South Padre Mission Trip Qualifications

1. You must be a Christian student or approved sponsor.
2. You must be an active church member or attend church regularly.
3. You must presently share your faith or be willing to learn to share your faith with college students.
4. You must be willing to be a complete part of the group and willing to do whatever you are asked within your     limitations while on the trip
5. You must be willing to exemplify the highest Christian character and conduct while a part of this trip.
6. You must attend the 5 week South Padre Mission Trip training starting ___________________, from      _____________ at ________________ (or make arrangements with the Leader for another time).
7. You must learn a gospel presentation and memorize the verses used.
8. You must get an endorsement from your church (local or home) and get at least 18 prayer partners, two for each          day of the trip.
9. You must fill out and submit an application and be willing to submit to a personal interview if needed.
10. Your application must be received by _____________, accompanied by a $_____ non-refundable deposit. Space       is limited applicants will receive first consideration. Everyone else will be placed on a waiting list.
11. You must be teachable and ready to learn and grow in your Christian life.


Padre Packet Information

1. Letter To Pastor
This letter is to be given to the church that you would like to have endorse you on this trip. This is a mission trip and thus requires that you are supported by your church. You can either use the church you attend here or your home church if you are not from Canyon or Amarillo. Try to meet with your pastor as soon as possible to explain what you will be doing and to allow time for the church to help you get support to go.
2. Church Endorsement
This is to be signed by a minister, preferable the pastor of your church. Please get this done by the second training session.
3. Friends Letter
This is a letter which you can reproduce as needed to mail or give to people who might be able to help you go on this trip.
4. Prayer Commitment Sheet
This sheet is for you to get prayer partners for the trip. We ask that you try to get at least 2 people per day praying for you. Be sure and get their addresses so you can mail them a card from Padre. Make sure you inform them of the
Beach Reach website so they can begin praying.
5. Web site Info
This will help people understand what we do at Beach Reach the site is: www.beachreach.org


Personal Information

Name Phone B-day
Address City State Zip


Parents or Contact Person

Name Phone
Address City State Zip


Do your parents/contact person know about the trip? Yes No
If so, have they said you can go on this trip? Yes No


Health Insurance Information

Company Policy #

Who should be contacted in case of an accident?

Name Phone
Address City State Zip

Car Insurance Information (those 25 and older or driving only)

Company Policy #


Church Endorsement

What church will endorse you on this trip?
Will you get them to fill out a church endorsement? Yes No
Are you a member of this church? Yes No


Commitment to Jesus

Have you ever received Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior ? Yes No
What are you currently doing to grow in your relationship to Jesus?


Commitment to the Body of Christ

Briefly explain how you have been and are currently involved in Campus ministry and the local church


Mission Trip Involvement

Have you ever been on a mission trip? Yes No
List where and when you went on mission trips


Witnessing Involvement

Have you ever participated in evangelism training ? Yes No
When? Where?
Have you ever shared with another person how to become a Christian? Yes No



Are you willing to abstain from the use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs while on this trip? Yes No
Are you willing to abstain from sexual immorality while on this trip? Yes No
Are you willing to abstain from the use of tobacco products while on this trip? Yes No


Leadership Availability

If asked to be a group leader would you be willing to serve as one ? Yes No


Commitment Statements

Briefly explain why you want to go on this mission trip


What do you want God to do in your life while on this trip?


I have read the qualifications and filled out the above application to the best of my ability. I am willing to abide by all the specifications listed and fully understand that any violation of these standards will be grounds for asking me to leave the mission trip at my own expense.